The policy has been written in line with the school’s core values as well as taking into account the Education Act (1996), Student Attendance Records (1991), Student Registration Regulations (1997) and the Social Inclusion policy (1999). 

The School is committed to providing its students the best start in life by ensuring they attend school regularly and achieve success. A partnership with the school, parents, students and the Educational Support Services is essential. It is vital that students attend school on a regular basis and that absences are caused by legitimate and compelling reasons only. A concerted effort should be made by students, by parents/guardians, and by school officials to avoid scheduling appointments and activities, which interfere with school attendance. The school will maintain a positive regard for students and their individual circumstances whilst insisting on high standards of attendance and punctuality. 

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if a student is to achieve their potential grades. If a child does not attend school regularly, this will have an adverse affect on their learning and progress. Positive strategies will be used to reintegrate students who have poor attendance or have truanted. Assistance and support will be provided wherever necessary. Good attendance and punctuality will continue to have a high profile within school and will be celebrated regularly in assembly. Certificates and rewards will be issued to students with excellent and improved attendance rates. 


A copy of the full attendance policy can be downloaded below.

Attendance Policy

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