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As with all modern schools in the United Kingdom, we have a number of policies that guide us and everybody that comes into contact with the school so that we can all strive towards making the school a success. These policies are published below and are regularly updated so please do keep coming back to check what the latest position of the school is and what our policy is on any number of very important aspects of our school.

If you require a paper copy of any of the information on the school website then please contact the school through the 'contact us' facility so the school can deal with your query.

Jon Crone - Headteacher

pdf Acceptable Use of the Internet and Electronic Communication April 2014 (45 downloads) Download (pdf, 362 KB)
pdf Accessibility Plan Oct 2016 (442 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 79 KB)
pdf Admission Arrangements (556 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 34 KB)
pdf AHS Uniform Policy with pics leaflet UPDATED 060617 (14 downloads) New Download (pdf, 201 KB)
pdf Aldercar SEN Information Report 2016 17 (497 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 95 KB)
pdf Anti Bullying Policy 2016 Oct 2016 (429 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 52 KB)
pdf Attendance Policy March 2016 (52 downloads) Download (pdf, 70 KB)
pdf Behaviour Policy Including Climate for Learning (53 downloads) Download (pdf, 116 KB)
document Booking Form 2017 (446 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 179 KB)
pdf Calendar 16 17 (Version 14) 280217 Student Calendar (1330 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 41 KB)
pdf Charging and Remissions Policy 2017 18 (50 downloads) Download (pdf, 225 KB)
pdf Child Protection Policy Sept 2016 (52 downloads) Download (pdf, 179 KB)
pdf Code of Conduct for Employees 2015 (48 downloads) Download (pdf, 216 KB)
pdf Complaints procedure & policy [external complaints] (41 downloads) Download (pdf, 441 KB)
pdf Confidential Reporting Code [Whistleblowing] (49 downloads) Download (pdf, 154 KB)
pdf Curriculum outline 2017 18 (46 downloads) Download (pdf, 63 KB)
pdf Data Protection Policy March 2016 (54 downloads) Download (pdf, 227 KB)
pdf Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan (49 downloads) Download (pdf, 115 KB)
pdf Equal Opportunities Policy May 2017 (101 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 46 KB)
pdf Equality & Diversity in Employment Statement (58 downloads) Download (pdf, 88 KB)
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