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Examinations are a key part of school life with most subjects having exams in one form or other to determine the level that a student has attained in a particular subject or skill area.

When examination time is with us, please ensure you bring to any written exams:

  1. Two or three black biros.
  2. A rubber.
  3. Two pencils.
  4. A pencil sharpener
  5. For maths or science examinations you may require a calculator, make sure you have an adequate one for the qualification you are studying.

All the above should be in a see through pencil case or small plastic bag, they are the only equipment allowed on your desks during an examination.

Please make sure you have a safe place for your mobile phones, mp3 players etc; they should not be brought into the exam room.  If any technological equipment is found on your person during an examination this is classed as malpractice and your paper could be disqualified, not recommended after you have all studied so hard for 5, 6 or 7 years.

Lost Examination Timetable/Need help with revision planning?

If you have lost your examination timetable or would like help with planning your revision, please log onto www.myrevisionplan.com  you will need to register using your candidate number and email address.

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